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Professional   A/V   Electronics Repair & Service  

A/V Gear Service & Repair

ENG-BOX-EFP Lens Repair   Parts in stock

Out of focus, back focus, impact, Sand, Sea Salt, Fungus, Mold, Water Moisture, damage. Free estimate.

  •  Canon
  •  Fujinon
  •  Tokina
  •  Roinon
  •  Angenieux
  •  Zeiss

Bang and Olufsen     Authorized Service Provider

Canon EF Tamron Sigma More...

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Our Warranty is six months or more on all out camera repairs

Broadcast Camcorders & Deck Service

DVCAM VHS Analog and Digital VTRs

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ptz camera and lens repair

PTZ & Remote Repaires

 Video Sharing-Infastructure Cameras 

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UAV/ Drone repair & service, Warranty, Complete cleaning and maintenance service and repair strange noises

Drone repair & services

We Service most drones 

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Monitor -Terminal - Prompter  repair & services, Warranty

Monitor teleprompter

CRT LCD LED  panels in stock

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Projector repair & service, Warranty, Complete cleaning and maintenance service

Projector repair & sevices

We Service all projectors

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Business Personal and Home Equipment Repair

Bang and Olufsen Warranty service provider

Reel to reel - Receiver - electronics repair

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McIntosh Warranty service provider

McIntosh repairs

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