Projector repair & service
All pepired projrctors come with 6 month warranty

s your projector not performing as it should? Is image quality suffering from discoloration, uneven blacks, dimness or dullness? No input recognition? Or is your projector just not turning on? Even though projectors are capable of displaying images and videos of variable sizes in a compact and sometimes portable bodies, they are more intricate than your typical flat screen. At TEK Media Group, we service all projector issues. Whether your projection system needs a thorough cleaning, preventative maintenance, component replacement or service, we can complete any project or repair.

Projector Repair

Proper professional cleaning usually solves most repair issue.

Type Of Projectors That We Repair

  • LCD
  • DLP
  • LED
  • Movie Projector
  • Video
  • Slide

Brands we service and repair

  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Barco
  • Optima
  • ViewSonic
  • BenQ
  • InFocus
  • Acer
  • Christie
  • Canon
  • Hitachi
  • Eiki
  • Proxima
  • Dell
  • Sanyo

Warranty Service Provider

  • Epson Warranty repair
  • NEC Warranty repair
  • Sharp Warranty repair
  • JVC Warranty Pro repair

The most common problems in projectors that we repair are

  • No Picture
  • Abnormal Picture
  • Auto Focus Not Working  Hardware or Safware upgrade
  • No Image with DVI SD Interlace Signal
  • Loud Fan Noise   Repalce or repair the fan
  • Unable to Project
  • Sync Does Not Operate Correctly
  • High Temperature Message on display Check the fan first
  • Low Luminance; Abnormal Colors or Shadow
  • No Video Output
  • HDMI port is out or brocken

What else we offer

Complete cleaning and maintenance service: outside and inside cleaning, cooling system cleaning (fans, air filters and air ducts), light engine cleaning (mirror condenser and polarize filters), lens cleaning, inputs testing (HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video and S-Video) and restoring projectors to factory settings.

Typical Projector Issues revolve around the following -

Discolored Image

Possibly the most common projector issue, a discolored projector image will surely annoy. You may notice a new addition of red, yellow, blue tint throughout the picture. Unless you can rule out poor cables or inputs, your projector requires service. While the exact cause is difficult to determine before opening your projection unit, issues may lie with the color wheel (if applicable), polarizing plates, prism assembly or bulb/lamp. If you are facing these problems, contact one of our technicians to help you discover the culprit of this dilemma.

Dull/Dim Image

If your projector has not seen service in some time, it is more than likely that your projector needs a bulb replacement. While 3000 hours of use may seem excessive during a year, it is not impossible. If your unit has reached this threshold, it is time for replacing. While you are able to complete the replacement yourself, we can help. You may be tempted to purchase an “OEM” bulb from an online supplier, but there is always a question of legitimacy. Let us replace the lamp for you to ensure that you are receiving a quality, company-manufactured bulb, quick replacement, color calibration and warranty.

Continued Display Issuese

A discolored projectors image or projector's dimness or dullness can detract from the projector experience, but more non-image issues can be present in your unit. For starters, if kept in an unfiltered environment or a cleaning has not been performed for some time, dust may have become lodged and circulated throughout the projector's inside. With enough time, dust will settle on a lens or piece that is projected out of the unit - hiding some of the actual images. If the speck is tinted, more than likely a particle has landed on the color wheel or polarizing plate, which will need delicate cleaning. If your screen is not appearing or only displaying black, you may have issues with your power supply, lamp, or board. If this is the case, components will need replacement.

Blinking Lights

Is the projector light blinking twice? Projector light blinking 7 times? Blinking 9 times? You get the idea. If your projector has a blinking indicator light, there is a code behind the message. Dependent on the code, a lamp could need replacement, the system is overheating, or there are more severe projector issues at hand. If you are unable to recognize the code behind the lights, let us help. Lack of Input Recognition This one is tricky to diagnose. Software, hardware or a combination of the two might be to blame. For starters, it’s always a good idea to keep your operating system and projector software updated. From there, make sure your unit is in the right display mode to avoid any false-positives. From here, you can test out different cables/ports on both computer and projector to verify if the issue lies in the cord or computer output or projector input. Cables can be faulty, pins in inputs and outputs can be bad or missing (though, unlikely), or its even possible that user buttons on the projector control panel may be to blame. To find out, contact us today.

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