Projector repair & service


Proper professional projector cleaning usually solves most repair issue.

Projector operating poorly? May be it has stopped working altogether or works intermittently image. Or makes strange noises may be works but does not display image? Tekmediagroup projector services offer the total care solution, so we ensure that you get the most from the equipment. To ensure that your projector is back working with the minimum of downtime. We offer quick estimates and quick turnaround.

Type Of Projectors That We Repair

  • LCD
  • DLP
  • LED
  • Movie Projector
  • Video
  • Slide

Brands we service and repair

  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Barco
  • Optima
  • Canon
  • ViewSonic
  • BenQ
  • InFocus
  • Marantz
  • Christie
  • Canon
  • Hitachi
  • Toshiba
  • Eiki
  • Proxima
  • Dell
  • Sanyo

Warranty Service Provider

  • Epson Warranty repair
  • NEC Warranty repair
  • Sharp Warranty repair
  • JVC Warranty Pro repair

The most common problems in projectors that we repair are

  • No Picture
  • Abnormal Picture
  • Auto Focus Not Working
  • No Image with DVI SD Interlace Signal
  • Loud Fan Noise
  • Unable to Project
  • Sync Does Not Operate Correctly
  • High Temperature Message on display
  • Low Luminance; Abnormal Colors or Shadow
  • No Video Output

What else we offer

Complete cleaning and maintenance service: outside and inside cleaning, cooling system cleaning (fans, air filters and air ducts), light engine cleaning (mirror condenser and polarize filters), lens cleaning, inputs testing (HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video and S-Video) and restoring projectors to factory settings.

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Toll Free: (800) 255-5045