Monitor -Terminal - Prompter  repair & services

Monitor Repair

Value Added Service

  • Pick up and return service from Los Angeles to San Diego
  • FREE Estimates
  • Quick repair turn Around
  • Six month to 12 month warranty on most repairers

Most Requestes Monitor Service

  • No Power
  • SDI port physically damaged
  • SDI port not responding - no physical damage
  • Output ports not responsive
  • Buttons not responding
  • No Picture
  • LCD Out of sync
  • LCD Oled panel out of Sync
  • Missing pixals
  • Horizontal or vertical lines or block defects
  • Blotches Marks Blemishes Discolorations

Note: You may  find  BT-LH 1700W LCD panels in the market, but most of them are B or C stock or refurbished units with terrible workmanship. Our panels are genuine A-grade Panasonic OEM units, not imitations. (Panasonic # VEK0J80

BT-LH 1710P LCD panels: We are the ONLY people that carry this LCD panels. Don’t waste time and money looking elsewhere for these, and if you do find them just let us know and we will buy them from you. (Part number: TX43D85VM0BAA) Panasonic # VEK0M68

BT-LH 1760 LCD panels: Due to low stock levels, these LCD panels are not for sale except bundled with our installation services (Part number: TX43D86VM0BAA)

BT-LH 2550: We have plenty of these panels in stock for sale. For $99.00 labor costs, we can install the LCD panel for you.

BT-LH 900 BT-LH 80WA: These panels are in stock for sale, or we can install them for you.

BT-LH 910G BT-4LH310 TH-47LFV5U LFV5 BT-LH2170PJ These monitor should be under warranty unless it was damages by the user

BT-3DL2550 BT-LH1850 BT-LH2170 BT-LH910GJ BT-LH2170 TH-47LFV5U LFV5 PAEJMLA26U These panels are in stock for sale, or we can install for you.

We also repair Panasonic

  • EJ-MDA32U-K 32" 3D HD LCD Medical Monitor, 32",
  • EJMLA37UW Panasonic Professional 37-inch
  • EJMLA32UW (EJ-MLA32UW) 32″ Full HD Medical Monitor

Sony Monitor Repair

  • Sony LCD panals are repairable and available
  • Sony OLED panals are if not scratched could be repairable
  • Sony Monitor ports such as HDMI SDI USB are repairable

Sony Monitors we service

  • PVMA-170
  • PVM-1741
  • PVM-2541
  • PVMA-250
  • PVM-X1800
  • PVM-L2300
  • PVM-A170
  • PVM-1741
  • PVM-2541
  • PVMA-250
  • LMD-E170
  • LMD-A220
  • LMD-941
  • LMD-A240
  • LMD-2451TD
  • LMD-3251MT
  • BVM-E170
  • BVM-E251
  • BVM-E171
  • BVM-HX310


JVC warranty service provider we can very much fix any issues with JVC monitor in or out of warranty

Following JVC model panels we usually carry it in stock
Note: JVC panels models do not allways match with the models number

  • ProHD DT-X24H
  • DT-E17L4GU
  • DT-N17F
  • DT-N21F
  • DT-X24H
  • DT-N24F
  • DT-X92F
  • DT-N24F
  • DT-X16H
  • DT-N24F
  • DT-N21F
  • DT-X71HX2
  • DT-F9L5U
  • DT-V9L5U
  • DT-X71HI
  • DT-X92HX2
  • DT-X51HX3


  • Sony
  • DDM 2801C
  • DDM2802

CRT monitor issues

  • Sync Does Not Operate Correctly
  • Loud Fan Noise
  • Sync Does Not Operate Correctly
  • High Temperature Message on display
  • No Video Output

Symptoms of a defective panel Please see picture below

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