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Related Models:   GY-HM700CHU ; GY-HM700CHUE 
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JVC GY-HM700CHE repair, firmware upgrade, SDI port, no power, no audio, liquid salt sand damage, front glass replacement, firewire, rejecting media, physical damage, broken lens, Technical-Service Bulletins - tek media group

JVC Camera most requested repairs

  • Dropped / Abuse
  • SDI port physically damaged
  • SDI port physically not damaged however not working
  • No Pictur
  • Out of Focus
  • Burned smell
  • Missing Pixels
  • Out of Sync
  • Sand salt damage

Specific issues with JVC GY-HM700CHE

Subject: No red image signal

Symptom: No red image signal


Symptom: After about 10 minutes one of two things will happen. Either the left side of the screen will turn to a distorted green/yellow color or the whole screen will turn to the same distorted green/yellow color.


Symptom: A defect can be seen in the LCOS device of the Viewfinder. Video is seen thru what appears to be a smudge. Color is not affected.

Subject: Intermittent audio out jacks

Symptom: The audio out at the RCA jacks is intermittent. Moving the cable ends affected the output.



Subject: Humming mechcanical sound from rear of camera.

Symptom: Humming mechcanical sound from rear of camera.

Subject: Hinge loose camera comes on but wont turn off.

Symptom: Hinge loose and camera wont turn off.

Subject: Camera functions intermitendly,sometimes dose''nt come on,lines on lcd display.

Symptom: Camera functions intermitendly,sometimes dose'nt come on,lines on lcd display

Subject: SDI BNC conector loose and Viewfinder has a smuged display.

Symptom: Unit had two symptoms: (1)SDI BNC loose and (2) Smuged on viewfinder lcd display.

Subject: Tip for replacing Codec PWB

Symptom: After replacing CODEC PWB, service steps are needed to be performed.

Subject: No power.

Symptom: No power on.

Subject: Dead pixel on lcd assy.

Symptom: Dead pixel center of lcd.

Subject: Loose LCD Monitor Hinge Assembly

Symptom: Loose LCD monitor hinge

Subject: Monitor video is shifted to the left as compared with the VF or LCD on the camera

Symptom: Video is shifted to the left when viewing an external monitor hooked up with COMPONENT while in either 1080 mode as compared to the VF or LCD. Component output of 720 signal is centered, and composite signal is good also. The monitor used was a DT-V1700 CRT HD monitor.

Subject: No power fan still running on rear of camera.

Symptom: No power or light indicator just cooling fan operating on rear of camera.


Symptom: Customer wants current firmware.

Subject: viewfinder broken (damage)

Symptom: Viewfinder broken (damage)

Subject: No power (dead)

Symptom: No power (dead)

Subject: Broken IEEE1394 connector.

Symptom: IEEE 1394 connector broken (pins)

Subject: IEEE1394 connector is broken.

Symptom: IEEE1394 connector is broken.

Subject: No image on lcd or viewfinder.

Symptom: No image on lcd or viewfinder.

Subject: No IEEE1394 connectivity

Symptom: No IEEE connectivity on both DV and HDV settings. Internal IEEE fuse CP3 is good. Peripheral resistors R2483, R2484, R2485, R2486, R2487, and R2650, R2649, R2638, R2639 are all okay.

Subject: Firewire IEEE connector broken (bent upward)

Symptom: Firewire IEEE connector broken (bent upward)

Subject: No image on viewfinder (tally indicator light on)

Symptom: No image on viewfinder (tally indicator light on)

Subject: No video in the viewfinder

Symptom: No video in the viewfinder. The VF was completely dark.

Subject: VF is very difficult to remove.

Symptom: VF is very difficult to remove.

Subject: VF image flickers.

Symptom: VF Image flickers.

Self Diagnosis Error Codes

Before you send or bring the camera to us for a repair: Your camcorder has a self-diagnosis display function. This condition displays your camcorders condition as a five digit code (combination of letters, numbers and figures) on the LCD screen display windows or on the view finder. If the five digit code is displayed. Check the error code chart, the last two digits indicated by □□ will differ depending on the state of your camcorder. If you are experiencing following error codes on your JVC camera or deck, most likely your camera or deck hardware has failed and needs an immediate attention. Call chat or email us to find a quick resolutions.

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