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JVC GY-HD200U repair, firmware upgrade, SDI port, no power, no audio, liquid salt sand damage, front glass replacement, firewire, rejecting media, physical damage, broken lens, Technical-Service Bulletins - tek media group

JVC Camera most requested repairs

  • Dropped / Abuse
  • SDI port physically damaged
  • SDI port physically not damaged however not working
  • No Pictur
  • Out of Focus
  • Burned smell
  • Missing Pixels
  • Out of Sync
  • Sand salt damage

Specific issues with JVC GY-HD200U

Subject: No composite video output.

Symptom: : No composite video output from composite video jack.

Subject:Unit will not power up

Symptom: Unit will not power up at all.

Subject:VF is green

Symptom: VF is green

Subject: No firewire 800 connection to Apple G5 Intel

Symptom: Apple G5 Intel firewire 800 does not connect to camera.

Subject: Half of right screen is yellow tint.

Symptom: The right half screen is yellow color tinted.

Subject: only half picture out.

Symptom: unit has only picture at right side of screen.

Subject:No LENS functions

Symptom: None of the LENS motors -- zoom or iris -- function.

Subject: unit is dead, no power on.

Symptom: camera does not power up with DC or battery.

Subject: the LCD monitor does not function.

Symptom: there is no display on the LCD monitor.

Subject: Lens ring will not secure lens

Symptom: The ring will not tighten enough to secure the lens properly.

Subject:After replacement of CAM PWB

Symptom: After replacing CAM PWB as countermeasure for the intermittent LCD and EVF noise, abnormal picture appears on the left side of the screen. Symptom is more evident in 4:3 aspect ratio.

Subject: DV PWB Connectivity Check

Symptom: No DV connectivity

Subject:no power on

Symptom: While updating firmware the customer lost power. When power was restored the camera no longer functioned.

Subject: white and colors balance off on prst mode

Symptom: white and colors balance off on prst mode

Subject: High pitch audio noise from DR-HD100 when recording audio from camera

Symptom: : Record EE audio and video on HDD in mov and ingest to FCP gives high pitch low amplitude audio noise during playback of footage

Subject: will not load tape

Symptom: Unit has a locked cassette tape brake. Tape can't load.

Subject: no video on the lcd monitor

Symptom: no video on the lcd monitor

Subject: lock ring crack and tape wont eject

Symptom: lens wont lock on to camera,tape wont eject due to bad cassette assy.

Subject: Lighting requirement for HD250 Dansa Software

Symptom: Just after starting the HD250 Dansa Software the software gives a "Cannot Control Iris" warning.

Subject: Broken 6-pin DV connector

Symptom: Connector is loose to the touch.

Subject:Viewfinder image problem.

Symptom: Image in viewfinder was green in color bar mode. Plugged in another viewfinder same symptom.

Subject: No power when used with Anton/Bauer battery.

Symptom: Unit had power with 4 pin dc cord but no power with battery.

Subject:Launching HD250Dansa error

Symptom: Error message "HD250dansa has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." is displayed.

Subject: Loss of audio at the end of video clips when recorded on the DR-HD100

Symptom: Due to FAT32 limitation, recordings made in DR-HD100 are limited to 2GB file size. Approximately in recording minutes, DV is 9 minutes, 720p is 13 minutes and 1080i is 9 minutes. To combine the clips into 1 file, follow the procedure below.

Subject: can not set time and date on camera.

Symptom: Time and date on lcdcan not be set.

Subject: Adjustment Tip -- Rapid Advance of ME SP VCO data

Symptom: To facilitate adjustment of the ME SP VCO (error rate adjustment), it is necessary to rapdily locate VCO data where the PB picture starts to freeze.

Subject: Incorrect SDI board reference in the parts list.

Symptom: In correct reference in Parts List.

Subject: VJK Board (42) on page 5-4 of the S/M is not in the parts list

Symptom: Composite video output (RCA JACK) broken. When looking for the part number the VJK Board on page 5-4 of the S/M could not be found in the parts list.

Subject:ustablepicture;color moved ;no back focus

Symptom: unstable picture and focus

Subject: No image on viewfinder,raster only.

Symptom: No image on view finder,raster only

Subject: Horizontal noise

Symptom: Horizontal noise appears on the picture

Subject: Tape is stuck.

Symptom: The dv tape is stuck in the mechanism and it will not eject.

Subject:Noisy fan.

Symptom: Noisy fan.

Subject: Unit has impact damage.

Symptom: LCD Monitor was hit by tripod.

Subject:View finder cracked and mechanism problem


Subject:Audio Mute at start/stop point

Symptom: Audio Mute at start/stop point

Subject:Adjustment Tip -- Rapid Advance of ME SP VCO data

Symptom: To facilitate adjustment of the ME SP VCO (error rate adjustment), it is necessary to rapdily locate VCO data where the PB picture starts to freeze.

Self Diagnosis Error Codes

Before you send or bring the camera to us for a repair: Your camcorder has a self-diagnosis display function. This condition displays your camcorders condition as a five digit code (combination of letters, numbers and figures) on the LCD screen display windows or on the view finder. If the five digit code is displayed. Check the error code chart, the last two digits indicated by □□ will differ depending on the state of your camcorder. If you are experiencing following error codes on your JVC camera or deck, most likely your camera or deck hardware has failed and needs an immediate attention. Call chat or email us to find a quick resolutions.

Technical/Service Bulletins

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