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JVC GY-DV5100U repair, firmware upgrade, SDI port, no power, no audio, liquid salt sand damage, front glass replacement, firewire, rejecting media, physical damage, broken lens, Technical-Service Bulletins - tek media group

JVC Camera most requested repairs

  • Dropped / Abuse
  • SDI port physically damaged
  • SDI port physically not damaged however not working
  • No Pictur
  • Out of Focus
  • Burned smell
  • Missing Pixels
  • Out of Sync
  • Sand salt damage

Specific issues with JVC GY-DV5100U

Subject: Missing 48V from XLR Mic Input

Symptom: Using microphone to the XLR input, no audio is recorded.

Subject: No video output

Symptom: No camera video output and lcd monitor but color bar ok

Subject: Procedure to connect REWRITE BD

Symptom: LCD monitor loses picture if the REWRITE BOARD (CK453800C) is already connected when accessing ADJUSTMENT MENU.

Subject: Rewrite board

Symptom: VF has scrambled pix and LCD is dead when rewrite PWB is inserted.

Subject: Does not go in adjust menu

Symptom: Unit does not go in adjust menu

Subject: Dead Unit

Symptom: Unit does not turn on.

Subject: Blue Picture

Symptom: Picture is bluish and can not be corrected by auto white balavce.

Subject: Green picture

Symptom: Aftne record and play back, theere is green picture.

Subject: Wont turn on power

Symptom: Wont turn on power

Subject: Camera outputs orange/yellowish images

Symptom: EE images appeared orange.

Subject: Portions of anything red in the picture are green.

Symptom: Portions of anything red in the picture are green. Parts of picture may also turn black.

Subject: XLR Connector Tab does not come with new parts.

Symptom: XLR Connector Tab does not come with new parts.

Subject: Buzz and static monitoring on the speaker and earphone

Symptom: During the E-E mode,there is static and buzz sound at the speaker and earphone.

Self Diagnosis Error Codes

Before you send or bring the camera to us for a repair: Your camcorder has a self-diagnosis display function. This condition displays your camcorders condition as a five digit code (combination of letters, numbers and figures) on the LCD screen display windows or on the view finder. If the five digit code is displayed. Check the error code chart, the last two digits indicated by □□ will differ depending on the state of your camcorder. If you are experiencing following error codes on your JVC camera or deck, most likely your camera or deck hardware has failed and needs an immediate attention. Call chat or email us to find a quick resolutions.

Technical/Service Bulletins

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