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Sony HDV HVR Z5U repair

Sony HDV HVR Z5U repair
  • Free Estimates
  • Turn Around usually 1 to 3 days
  • Up to 6 Month Warranty

We have the experience to repair all issues listed below

  • Out of focus, lens refurbishment (Save hundreds)
  • Lens dropped, parts replacement and adjustment
  • Sand, salt, water repair and adjustment
  • Audio / Video ports physically damaged
  • Audio / Video  ports not damaged, however not working
  • Fire wire port not responding
  • No power
  • Burned smell
  • Out of sync
  • LCD color quality bad
  • Missing Pixels

Camcorder accessory repair

 Sony HDV HVR Z5U camcorder accessory repairSony HDV HVR Z7U repair

Lens repair or replacement

Sony HDV HVR Z7U lenses for sale, repair, refurbishment - order partsSony HDV HVR Z7U lens front elements for sale, installation service, camera partsSony HVR-Z5U lenses are repairable. We have repaired over 1000 lenses all with 6 month warranty.

We also sell lens front element and other parts.

Dealers and repair centers are welcome to buy lens parts from us. Click here to order!

Maintenance schedule for HVRZ1U

Operating Hours 500 1000 1500 300 3500 4000
Tape running surface cleaning        
Rotary drum cleaninng & degaussing            
Capstan bearing -- -- --  
Loading motor            
Abnormal Sounds --   --   --
Brake tension measurement --   --   --  
FWD/RVD torque measurement --   --   --  

Operating vs. guaranteed hours

Operating hours are based on the head rotation hours. Guaranteed hours are a recommendation based on the temperature, humidity and quality of the tape or dust condition. Operating hours are listed a maintenance reference and it does not mean guaranteed hours.


Our highly qualified engineers may perform adjustments following the completion of major repairs.

  • Electrical Adjustmentss
  • Mechanical Adjustments

Minor Service

Major Service

Minor Repair and Service on Sony HVR Z1U  is usually performed at 250 hours or up to 500 hours depending on the environment the camera was used in such as dusty, sandy, windy, salty, etc. (example: shooting in the beach) Major repair and service on Sony HVR Z1U   is usually performed at 500 hours to 1000 hours. This includes minor service inspection, alignment, cleaning of most major and minor assemblies and necessary replacement of common wear parts.
  • Overall cleaning
  • Transport cleaning
  • Transport alignment
  • Drum head Cleaning
  • Tape path, tension, switching position adjustment
  • Front lens cleaning
  • EVF (viewfinder) cleaning
  • Drum head assembly
  • Tape deck assembly
  • Drum dass assembly
  • Coaster (T) block assembly
  • Pinch roller arm assembly

Self Diagnosis Error Codes

Screen View

Before you send or bring the  camera to us for a repair: Your camcorder has a self-diagnosis display function. This condition displays your camcorders condition as a five digit code (combination of letters, numbers and figures) on the LCD screen display windows or on the view finder. If the five digit code is displayed. Check the error code chart, the last two digits indicated by □□ will differ depending on the state of your camcorder